Total Cost of Ownership Services

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is another important parameter in the development and maintenance of systems. If a functional requirement is evaluated with respect to TCO, the resulting values can drive design, organizational structure decisions, training concepts, procurement timing, logistics support philosophies and practices. Issues such as reliability, repair or replace, training requirements, installation procedures, range, peacetime operations, inter-service usage, contractor versus organic repair can all be examined explicitly and developers and planners can determine what, when, and how to make changes. In existing equipment, some parameters (e.g. MTRR) may be relatively fixed in value but TCO analysis can still allow cost optimization through variation of other parameters such as spares inventory versus availability. In any case, a team capable of rapid analysis of TCO can offer alternatives to a Service of Command.

UMI personnel are experienced with all categories relevant to TCO: financial (budget) data, cost data, and technical data (e.g. MTBF, MTTR, availability). Our staff has hands-on experience estimating and optimizing TCO. UMI is able to support development of TCO estimating software that would incorporate all current aspects of TCO: Development, Acquisition, Operations, Support, and Disposal.