Records Search, Retrieval and Analysis

Upper Mohawk, Inc. performed record research and analysis for the Department of Interior's Office of Historical Trust Accounting (OHTA) since 2003.

UMI worked in Bureau of Indian Affairs Agency Offices throughout the western half of the United States collecting and researching various financial and real property records to determine ownership of and to allow distribution of funds being held in Special Deposit Accounts. These accounts were used to hold funds that came into the Indian Trust until their ownership could be determined. Many of these accounts are several years old. This continued our commitment to assisting the Department of Interior to improve management of the Indian Trust.

Our staff also assisted OHTA to perform various activities in support of Tribal Trust Litigation. We assisted Government officials in gathering, interpreting, and understanding historical accounting records, practices, policies, tribal resolutions, and events, by using our staff's expertise in these areas. We conducted account research, financial analysis of accounts, transactions, and investment activity. These accounts are involved in specific Tribal cases.