Financial Analysis Support

Our financial support activities include:

  • Working with our customer to provide interfaces with financial accounting and contracting support offices.
  • Performing financial data analysis on data from various systems to allow for tracking of several categories of financial information such as costs, initiations, commitments, and obligations.
  • Integrated support to assist with consolidating financial and accounting information, reporting requirements, funds requirements and execution documents.
  • Assisting with financial yearend closeout.
  • Searching various records, systems, and databases to find recoverable funds by identifying documents which have been forgotten, erroneously billed, de-obligated, or otherwise not cleared out of the systems.
  • Assessment of funding streams including identification and validation of initial sources and end users.
  • Creation of data flow charts for funding stream processes from appropriation through apportionment through allotment through to final distribution.
  • Development of financial databases with capabilities for querying, sorting, filtering and producing reports in several formats.

UMI's financial services contracts have included:

  • Our most recent contract included a comprehensive assessment of the United States Department of the Interior / Bureau of Indian Affairs program’s funding allocation and distribution process. This included staff interviews, document reviews, flow chart development and database creation and provided customer with four unique and viable recommendations for process improvement.
  • Completing a comprehensive assessment of all funding streams and processes used by the Department of the Interior to allocate and distribute funds to American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes and to operate and support the Indian Affairs program.
  • Providing financial systems data retrievals and analyses, financial management, quality validation checks, customer service and administrative support services to the 78th Comptroller and Contracting Squadron at Robins Air Force Base.
  • Review of new and continuing grant applications for funding decisions including analysis of project budgets for the Administration for Native Americans.