Cost Estimating/Training Services

Cost estimating is a critical process in establishing the initial budget and managing projects. Accurate cost estimates are essential to successful project implementation.

Cost Estimating Objectives:

  • Focus on Realism - Be an "Honest Broker"
  • Be Unbiased and Objective
  • Logical Relationships and Verifiable Data
  • Statistically Valid
  • Enforced Processes With Management Controls
  • Repeatable
  • Process Compliant With TINA, FAR, etc
  • Fully Trained Estimating Staff

Cost Estimating Process Includes:

  • "What If" Analysis
  • Subcontractor Proposal Cost & Price Analysis
  • "Should Cost" and "Could Cost" Activities
  • Development of Independent Cost Estimates (ICEs)

UMI staff is experienced with "bottoms up" and parametric cost estimating.

Our staff is available to support short term projects, such as proposal development to longer term staff augmentation projects.